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Face the effects of drought in this his Historical single player game that blends elements of survival and adventure.  
Meet Cícera to live a journey of survival and adventure in the Brazilian backlands of the nineteenth century. Gather resources, build tools, learn to survive, and interact with other people. Be strong, have the faith and wisdom to explore the drought-stricken regions and find out more about her destiny.

Equipped to venture out
To survive in the backlands you will need some equipment. Use the machete and hoe for essential actions such as getting water, opening paths or cutting a corn crop. But do not forget to have a handful of grindstones because blunt equipment is of no use!

Get ready with recipes
To live in the backlands you be wise. The fauna and flora are unusual, so try learning the recipes available for crafting with the typical items of the region. Maybe one day you need to cross the backlands...

Interact to survive
Hunger and thirst can be very cruel in the backlands during the drought. Ask for help for the elders of your village and solve their quests to get some water and food.

Explore to know
Explore the aridest regions to learn more about the backlands and find the resources you need to stay on your way. A full inventory is always a good idea!

Stories to learn
The Brazilian Backlands is a special place, with many stories that would only happen here. Venture out to find lost objects and find out more about the legends of the backlands.

The drought this time came much stronger and changed the daily life here in backlands. Many plantations were lost, animals died and families abandoned their homes. It is in this scenario that Cícera lives, a curious young girl who uses the advice of her grandfather and other villagers to learn how to survive and strengthen herself to face the drought and realize her greatest dream: exploring the backlands to reunite with her parents.

Arida: Backland's Awakening - Part 1 is the first of three games that will tell about Cicera's journey in the Brazilian Backlands of the nineteenth century. Follow our social networks of Aoca Game Lab to stay connected in the news of the Arida project. Come and build this story with us!

This version is only a beta version, not the finished game. It may contain bugs that aren't present in the final version. You can buy the complete edition on Steam.

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